What is ARC3...

Each user, each business, each platform owns one metaverse upon joining us. This metaverse can be formed by one of our many presets and you can easily add to it, or you can just create your metaverse from scratch, it is easy and fun, thanks to the ARC3 Software. There is no limit to your fantasy! 



All metaverses can connect to each other: you can interact in a blink of a moment.

Your metaverse can contain multiple screens (windows, doors, or planets!). You have total control of what you see, of how many apps you open and visualize at the same time, stream a prerecorded concert on one of the old fashioned 2D platforms, or… 


You can dive into our fully immersive entertainment space!


Advertise your business within all metaverses: it is easy and non-intrusive. 


Visual playing with ads

Members of our metaverse based spatial internet can even play with and enjoy the advertisement within: no one will want to block ads anymore!


You love shopping malls? 

Every shop can get its own metaverse. That will make our shopping mall the biggest ever seen!


We provide the foundation for the new internet, but we are not the owners of that new internet, you are!
Each one of you will add to it and contribute to its creation. All 3rd party apps will be welcome, dive in and join.
We have a no data collection, no spying, no censorship policy.
Nevertheless, criminal actions will not be tolerated.

Is the ARC3 Internet available now?
Not yet: There is a working Alpha offline version, available to investors.  

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